Acting Classes

Kaća Čelan has been teaching directing and acting for 23 years (Sarajevo - Academy for Scenic Arts - directing, Germany - Celan Theater School at Burgau Castle - acting). 

Her experience as an award-winning actress, playwright and director enabled her to capture the essence of the artistry of acting. 

As a playwright, she helps the actor to access character analysis creatively by using information provided by the writer as well as creative methods to give life to the character. 

As a director, she confronts the actor with tasks which help him/her to define the relationship towards the other characters and to understand and apply the right action in the given situation and the context of the precise genre, idea, style and message of the theatrical or cinematic presentation of the script.

As an actor, she deeply explores character development with her colleagues, while cultivating their own uniqueness by using obstacles necessary to reach high artistic goals. Thus, she also introduces them to the fundamental skills and rules of the art of acting.

To make an appointment and for more info, call 347 463 9866.